“Set yourself free. Let yourself go on a journey of love. Take notes. Be present. Experience. Learn. Love and laugh, and cry when you need to. Rest when you’re tired. Take a flashlight to help you see in the dark. But most of all, take yourself and go.. ~Melony Beattie

These are the moments that I live for, the moments that I wish to capture the most. I am filled to the brim with passion for living life to its fullest, and I often find myself gravitating to those that are equally infused with a fire from within. Whether it’s a landscape that leaves an impression, or a young girls' story of struggle and freedom, I find a beauty that resonates with the moments in life that are ever fleeting.  

I am an artist, who specializes in portraiture, travel, and conceptual photography. Nestled in the beautiful Wasatch front of Salt Lake City, I am a die hard nature junky of Utah’s local beauty, however I travel around the globe for projects and consignments. Spontaneous road trips with clients and loved ones are a must for me, and my kryptonite is anything that contains chocolate. Reach out and let’s plan an adventure, and see where this beautiful thing we call life takes us. 

To Reach Out:

Email: ethanwattsphoto@gmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ethanwattsphoto